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NetInspectFX is an ultimate Tool to detect new hosts in your local network rapidly. Also it will detect any remote access to your local machine. You can set hosts as trusted, distrusted or unknown. You can watch various hosts to detect their online or offline state (for example the webserver of your website). You will get a message window if the has changed. Integrate own applications or develop plugins to individualize your NetInspectFX. Let NetInspectFX generate reports periodically in your selected format with information about all hosts and accesses shares. Through the support of the syslog-protocol, you are able to configure special devices like routers to send notification to your pc. Is Universal Plug an Play (UPnP) activated in your network? NetInspectFX obtain better information about devices like tv's or bluray players through SSDP. NetInspectFX need a Windows® NT based operating system (minimal Windows® XP SP3). It can be used with german or english user interface. A 64bit version is also available!
The icon in your tray show the state of NetInspectFX. Double click the icon to open the host overview dialog.
This window shows a page from the configuration dialog. Here you can set hosts as trusted or distrusted, setup notifications, manage plugins or add external applications and many more.
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This dialog show all computers found in your network. Click with the right button of your mouse to get an menu. The menu contains entries to call plugins or applications, delete hosts from list or set hosts as trusted, distrusted or unknown. Or set a filter to view only unknown or/and distrusted hosts.
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To use this software, you need to install WinPCAP.

You can develop plugins for NetInspectFX. You need only the SDK. You find it on the download page.

Version history

New in version 0.7.0
  • New design
  • View of network devices is groupable
  • syslog-protocol implemented
  • Eventlog impelemted
  • Advanced notification settings
  • SSDP-protocol for UPnP implemented
  • Bugfixes
  • Online-update function

Version 0.6:
  • Using filter in the view dialog
  • Generating reports periodically for all hosts found and accessed shares (You decide the format)
  • Watching the state of hosts, also external (for example the webserver of your website), if they are online or offline
  • Using WMI to detect hosts operating system
  • Bugfixes (see the BugTracking Site)

Version 0.5:
  • New style for all separate windows
  • Search for resources on all founded hosts, view as tree
  • Define an application to start for new hosts
  • Active search for new hosts
  • View dialog will be automatically updated
  • Bugfixes

Version 0.4:
  • classify hosts as trusted or distrusted
  • coordinates of view dialog can be saved
  • remote access detection on local host
  • Languages (german - english)



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